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Autumn / Fall Literacy and Math Activity Packet for 2-5

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Autumn / Fall Literacy and Math Activity Packet for 2-5

This 60-page activity packet is a wonderful, no-preparation-required resource for educators. It's perfect whether you're introducing an Autumn unit, supplementing current lesson plans, or leaving work for substitute teachers.

Differentiation Across Academic Levels

This packet shines in its ability to cater to students of different academic skill levels. Suitable tasks are available for advanced learners as well as those who benefit from a slower pace - ensuring that every student can stay engaged without feeling overwhelmed.

Literacy and Math Components

With both literacy and math exercises all wrapped up in an autumn theme, this packet offers plenty of versatility. Reading response exercises improve comprehensive skills while autumn-inspired math worksheets keep things exciting.

  • Vocabulary expansion with Autumn-themed words and sentences activities.
  • Creative writing prompts with fun fall themes like leaf-stories or hayrides.
  • Educational yet enjoyable tasks like deciphering secret codes; word scrambles; practicing spelling; creating acrostic poems etcetera.
  • Incorporate number games along with seasonal counting experiences subtly teaching quantitative skills.
  • Solve arithmetic problems hidden within color-by-number puzzles using fall imagery.
Note:All these activities weave into the comfortable context of the familiar season. Bonus Activities Included!
  1. Puzzling leaf mazes challenge students' spatial thinking processes.
  2. The Acorn maze maintains interest thus guaranteeing that the learning journey stays friendly but educational at all times.

An Integrated Approach to Learning

This activity packet is thoughtfully designed to encompass every aspect of the learning journey, drawing children in with rich autumn themes. A particularly remarkable feature is its facilitation of feedback - bridging school-home partnerships and laying the groundwork for each student's success, whether they're learning at home or in public school.

What's Included

This packet includes:

• The Autumn Season

• Autumn Season Reading Response

• Autumn Vocabulary

• Autumn Festivals

• Read, Think, Respond (Close Read)

• What Am I? (Leaf Story)

• What Am I Reading Response

• Autumn Leaves Draw and Write

• The Leaf Bed poem

• Why I Love Fall

• Why I Love Fall Reading Response

• Autumn: Draw 4 Things

• A Hayride Draw and Write

• Autumn Writing Prompt

• Autumn Secret Code

• Autumn Word Search

• Autumn Vocabulary Cards

• Autumn ABC Order

• Autumn Words and Sentences

• Autumn Word Scramble

• Autumn Spelling Practice

• Autumn Acrostic Poem

• Autumn Patterns

• Autumn Senses

• Autumn Word Link

• Autumn How Many?

• Making Words: Sunflower

• Autumn Adjectives

• Autumn Counting

• Autumn Number Sequence

• Autumn Numbers - Largest and Smallest

• Autumn Skip Counting

• Pumpkin Pie Order - ordering steps

• Autumn Word Problems

• Autumn Hidden Picture

• Autumn Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Worksheets

• Autumn Color by Number (Math)

• Leaf Maze

• Acorn Maze

• Autumn KWL grid

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