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Autumn Squirrel Worksheets

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

This is a pack of resources to help you teach a lesson/unit study on Squirrels. Being from the UK, I made it with Grey Squirrels in mind but the information and activities are for the most part valid for Red Squirrels too.

  • Objectives

  • This pack will help your pupils to learn bout squirrels:

  • To describe them and their body parts, and peculiar characteristics.

  • Their habitat

  • Their behaviour

  • To enable pupils to make comparisons with other animals they may have seen or studied.

  • Contents:

  • The Squirrels pack contains 33 pages of resources. It includes:

  • Background information for teachers so you have the answers to hand and can feel knowledgeable bout your subject without spending hours researching.

  • Lesson notes and ideas to help you plan

  • 18 Differentiated worksheets/activities which will cater for all abilities in your class!

The worksheets cover

  • Diet

  • Parts of a squirrel

  • Labelling a squirrel (characteristics)

  • Habitat

  • Writing paper for recording

  • Comprehension sheets

  • And more!

The Squirrel worksheets can be used with:

Our Squirrel PowerPoint is a good way to start a lesson or for reinforcing what has been learnt at the end.

What is included?

One 35 page PDF


This pack of resources can be used with my Squirrels PowerPoint and

Squirrels Photo pack

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