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Awards and Boast Tags in Cute Owl Theme - 100% Editable

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About This Product

Awards and Boast Tags in Cute Owl Theme - 100% Editable

This resource has been developed by teachers for teachers, targeting to foster a positive classroom environment. These awards and boast tags serve as a tool to celebrate pupils' achievements, infusing a sense of fun into your teaching routine. Educators who aim for personal recognition of students' accomplishments find this collection most useful.

The awards carry an eye-catching owl theme, aimed at encouraging students and making the acknowledgment process joyful. Prepared in a PowerPoint file format, it provides cross-platform compatibility offering flexibility for those using various tech devices in teaching. The size is suitable for standard letter size printouts.

Key Features:
  • Fully customizable design detailing - modify text or tweak graphics as per need.
  • Applicable in both physical classrooms and remote sessions context due to its editable nature.
  • Inclusion of ready-made awards/boast tags (for time-constraints) & blank cards/tags (for personalized messages).

Detailed Breakdown:

The PowerPoint file includes 75 pages comprising ready-made award cards (10” x 8”), blank award cards (10” x 8”), ready-made boast tags(2”x2.6”), and blank boast tags(2x2.6). It offers options that are instantly usable for those under time constraints, but also includes space inviting creativity from educators who fancy crafting personalized, motivating messages.

This versatile product can be utilized across different grade levels owing to its non-specific relevance, making it an invaluable asset among educational resources available today.

In projects requiring periodic recognition badges or close-ended activities needing accolades upon completion, this resource can be effortlessly incorporated into various teaching methods and scenarios that call for rewarding efforts.

As a part of classroom decor resources sought by modern educators, Awards and Boast Tags in Cute Owl Theme - 100% Editable offers a cheerful way to boost student motivation, taking another step towards spreading positivity within academia.

What's Included


The ppt file consists of 75 pages which includes

- 60 pages – 10” x 8” ready made Awards Card

- 4 pages – 2” x 2.6” ready made boast tags (15 per page)

- 10 pages – 10” x 8” blank Awards Card

- 1 page – 2” x 2.6” blank boast tags

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Positive Fun Adorable Customizable Motivational

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