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Back to School ELA Task Cards

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Grade 4, 5





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About This Product

Back to School ELA Task Cards

The Back to School ELA Task Cards offer an essential resource for teachers aiming to jumpstart the academic year with engaging English language learning activities. The task card set is designed especially for grade 4 and grade 5 students, focusing on key language skill development.

Task Card Features

  • A total of 20 school-themed task cards, in alignment with ELA standards, aimed at refining grammatical understanding in a relatable context. This includes sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, parts of speech and abbreviations.
  • A variety of question formats provide brain training exercises that encourage critical thinking from different angles. This also helps create an entertaining and interactive learning environment.
  • Versatility: Easily incorporate these task cards into varied lesson plans - be it individual teaching or group sessions; they also serve as useful homework assignments.
  • User convenience:. Minimal preparation is required which makes it favorably easy-to-use during busy routines.

Add-on Inclusions

  • An answer recording page accommodating a two-sheet layout - this helps save on resources needed for printing/ink usage. Both color and black & white versions are available based on user preference.

  • The inclusion of an answer key enables self-assessment practices among learners promoting independent learning while reducing time spent by educators reviewing work.

In Conclusion....

In essence, the Back to School ELA Task Cards switch up traditional teaching methods providing innovative ways to cover grammar concepts. With such exceptional tools at their disposal educators can prep learners towards enhanced communication skills!


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