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Back to School Language Arts Package - Includes 3 Tests

An educational teaching resource from Easy As ABC entitled Back to School Language Arts Package - Includes 3 Tests downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4, 5, 6





Easy As ABC
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About This Product

Back to School Language Arts Package - Includes 3 Tests

This valuable resource is crafted for teachers aimed at enhancing the language arts skills of grade 4, 5, and 6 students.

Key Components:
  • An 'About Me' sheet for understanding each student's unique perspective
  • Multifaceted worksheets covering:
    • Essential elements of grammar: Compound words, Homophones, Synonyms, Antonyms and Nouns categories(Common and Proper).
    • Advanced concepts: Prefixes, Suffixes and Root words.
  • Addition of diagrammatic learning aids: Classroom noun cards visually illustrating abstract concepts.
  • Exercises on diverse sentence types: declarative sentences, exclamatory sentences and inquisitive sentences.
  • Punctuation usage practice focussed on quotation marks.
  • An exciting Proverbs Activity that encourages critical thinking.
Incorporated Assessment Instruments:
    The Three Tests include assessments related to:,
    Nouns - Pronouns – Adjectives – Verbs – Sentence Structure;
    Prefixes – Suffixes – Quotation Marks;
    Exclamatory - Inquisitive - Declarative Sentences respectively;
Aides for Class Management Essentials are also included!::,,
    An Attendance sheet & Homework Check Sheet ;)

    The package is versatile enough! Meet diversified power between school teaching & home revision sessions by assigning these as homework tasks!


The Back-to-School-Language-Arts-Package-Includes-3-Tests is a comprehensive, convenience ensuring educational tool which resonates with the varied teaching methodologies & aligns diligently with standardised language arts learning outcomes! A user-friendly way to embrace the joy of learning language arts!

What's Included

-An 'About Me!' sheet for students to fill in on the first day of school

-An Attendance and Homework Check Sheet

-Worksheets on Compound Words

-Worksheets on Homophones

-Worksheets on Synonyms

-Worksheets on Antonyms

-Worksheets on Common Nouns

-Worksheets on Proper Nouns

-Worksheets on Pronouns

-Worksheets on Adjectives

-Worksheets on Verbs

-Worksheets on Prefixes

-Worksheets on Suffixes

-Worksheets on Root Words

-Proverbs Activity *Comes with an Answer Key

-Worksheets on Quotation Marks

-Worksheets on Exclamatory Sentences

-Worksheets on Inquisitive Sentences

-Worksheets on Declarative Sentences

-Worksheets on Subjects and Predicates

3 Tests

Test 1: Test on Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Sentence Structure

Test 2: Test on Prefixes, Suffixes and Quotation Marks

Test 3: Test on Exclamatory, Inquisitive and Declarative Sentences

-The Student's Guide to Adjectives

-Class Game with Compound Words: Where's my Partner?

-A Set of 10 Classroom Noun Cards

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language arts grammar vocabulary sentence structure assessment

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