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Under the Sea Language Arts and Math Fun Package (Includes 3 tests)

Under the Sea Language Arts and Math Fun Package (Includes 3 tests)
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Grade 5, 6





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About This Product

Under the Sea Language Arts and Math Fun Package

An engaging, comprehensive educational resource designed for fifth and sixth-grade instructors. Features:

  • Engaging sea-themed visuals in language arts and math classes
  • Vast selection of worksheets covering:
    • Language Arts topics: nouns, alliteration, adjectives, subjects and predicates etc.
    • Sentence structure lessons: declarative sentences or exclamatory sentences etc.
    • Math content: place value (to tens, hundreds or thousands), skip counting sequences by multiples of twos, fives and tens using hundreds charts; skip counting puzzles; expanded form exercises etc.
  • In also includes two grammar tests along with one math test to evaluate students effectively without requiring additional preparation time
  • An entertaining class game which doubles up as a centre activity elevating student engagement levels.

Limited Edition Features:

Educational activities about marine life like Box Fish from Indian Ocean are included to keep learning enjoyable.

The package is solely available in PDF format for easy print-and-use application.It offers flexible usage for whole group instruction or small cohort learning environment scenarios.

Finding time-saving measures?This pack has got you covered. Enrich your resources while eliminating extensive prep-time with this innovative approach.

What's Included

Language Arts:




-Subjects and Predicates

-An educational sentence building activity about Sea Creatures


-Declarative Sentences

-Exclamatory Sentences

-Inquisitive Sentences

-Quotation Marks

-Prefixes and Suffixes

-Compound Words

-Letter Writing

-An educational Story Writing activity about the 'Box Fish' from the Indian Ocean in 'The Box Fish's Story.'


-Place Value to the Tens

-Place Value to the Hundreds

-Place Value to the Thousands

-Skip Counting Sequences

-Skip Counting by Twos

-Skip Counting by Fives

-Skip Counting by Tens

-Using a Hundreds Chart

-Skip Counting Puzzles

-Expanded Form

-Telling the Time

Also Includes:

-Grammar Test 1

-Grammar Test 2

-Math Test

* The worksheets will prepare your students to write all of the tests in this package so you don't have to worry about any extra preparation.

-The Students' Guide to Underwater Compound Words

-Class Activity: Where's my Partner? A class game with compound words

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