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Back to School Start Off on the Right Foot Get to Know You Activity

Back to School Start Off on the Right Foot Get to Know You Activity
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Back to School Start Off on the Right Foot Get to Know You Activity

This resource serves as an innovative tool for students from grades 1 through 7 to kick off the school year, fostering self-exploration and creativity. It offers teachers insight into their class's abilities and personality traits.

  • Students trace outlines of their foot and then personalize them with drawings, symbols or textual expressions that represent them as individuals.
  • The activity is designed to engage students across different grade levels, providing an alternative to routine back-to-school worksheets.

Key Feature:

The activity encourages display of the personalized 'footprints' in class hallways or bulletin boards instilling a sense of community while subtly emphasizing the importance of making good first impressions.

Versatile Implementation:

This unique tool can be used in various settings: whole group sessions leading into icebreaker conversations, smaller groups fostering intimate interactions among peers or even as a take-home homework assignment giving parents insight into their child's classroom activities.

Inclusive Hallway Poster:

An accompanying hallway poster is included which aids in effectively displaying student work creating a festive classroom environment from day one.

The provided learning material by, comes conveniently packaged as a PDF file type ensuring easy accessibility across various platforms ideal for busy educators.
In conclusion, Back to School Start Off on the Right Foot Get To Know You Activity aids in transitioning students back into academia after holidays, promoting individual expression—an exceptional strategy for the first week back at school.

What's Included

Complete with directions and a hallway poster to display your students' feet, help them remember that we should always start on the right foot and make a good first impression with whatever we do in life.


Back to school worksheets/activities can become mundane, especially for upper elementary and middle school students. This is something that is less stressful and relaxing to complete while getting to know other students.

Teacher can be doing mini pre-assessments while students complete this.

Students get to be artistic and creative.

Students love to see their feet displayed in the hallway.

It's a great activity to follow after establishing your class expectations and rules.

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