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Back To School Get To Know You Activity

An educational teaching resource from Miss Le entitled Back To School Get To Know You Activity downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6





Miss Le
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About This Product

Back To School Get To Know You Activity

This enticing resource is engineered to kick-start the new academic year by fostering positive, interactive relationships among students. It is specifically designed for learners in grades 2 through 6.

No Preparation Required:

Dive into the school year with this NO PREP tool. The activity involves students moving around and interacting to find classmates that fit specific criteria on a worksheet - such as 'find someone who has the same number of siblings as you'.

Promoting Inclusivity and Networking Skills:

To ensure everyone's inclusion, each name can only be listed once on each sheet. This strategy encourages children to interact with as many peers as possible instead of sticking with familiar faces.

Further Benefit:
  • Personal Connections: In addition to getting acquainted, these exercises stimulate deeper conversations that highlight individuality and shared interests. Children may share personal anecdotes related to certain prompts, promoting empathy and mutual respect in your classroom.

Included Worksheets :

  • An empty template for customizing your questions,
  • A digital download in an easy-to-use PDF format eliminating any technical issues before beginning your session!

This activity can also be assigned as homeWork featuring parent or guardian involvement!

To sum up, watch connections blossom amidst laughter while gathering insights about every member in your classroom family using our Back To School Get To Know You Activity!

What's Included

This resource includes 3 worksheets including a blank template if you and your class would like to write in your own criteria for things you would like to find out about your classmates!

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