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Basic Math Skills | Number Flash Task Cards 4th of July

About This Product

Basic Math Skills | Number Flash Task Cards 4th of July

A comprehensive set of resources, 'Basic Math Skills | Number Flash Task Cards 4th of July' is designed particularly for educators who aim at improving basic math skills among students. This versatile teaching tool is equally effective for group classrooms and individual tutoring sessions.

Main Features:
  • The primary components consist of various task cards and flashcards focussed on the development of base numeracy.
  • All materials carry an engaged 4th Of July theme to generate student interest while building a solid understanding of place values.
  • Six distinctive versions aim to cater to all learning types, enabling different modes like filling spaces, finger painting, or marking correct totals on lined dots. It also permits activities such as tracing numbered symbols from dot-to-dot or circling them.

Teachers in search of additional course content will find this product immensely useful; apart from being excellent card exercises, these tasks can also serve as worksheets thereby multiplying their utility. The content potential extends to customization as per individual learner's needs – great for teaching numbers from one (1) through ten (10). Hence it's suitable for crafting personal card sets or mini-books if necessary.

Educational Value And Adapatability:
  1. This humble bundle extends beyond straightforward numerical drills - attractive themes like 'The 4th Of July' or 'President's Day' are introduced into the environment aiming at stirring up excitement within preschoolers to first graders while addressing special education needs (SEN).
  2. It offers teachers a solid foundation who wish to provide quality math education with an extra touch that would make lessons particularly attractive during the holiday seasons.
Technical Aspects:The product is offered in PDF file type with both colored and black-and-white versions included within its eighty-four pages. With six flashcards per page size and convenient formatting, this resource allows teachers the flexibility they need - whether for implementing in whole groups, small groups or assigning as homework tasks.

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