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BC Grade 5 Math: Teacher Planning and Student Assessment Data Tracking

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Grade 5



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About This Product

Here's a simple way to easily organize your instructional planning and assessment for teaching British Columbia Math 5: an easy-to-use set of handy data tracking sheets for teacher planning & student assessment. You can make sure that you have all your important documents in one easily-accessible place, ready to go!

This set contains the Big Ideas, Curricular Competency Learning Standards, and Content Learning Standards of BC Mathematics 5.

How to Use:

Simply print out pages 2 & 3 (double-sided) for each one of your students. You can place these in your choice of assessment folder. Then you can assess each student using the BC Proficiency Standards (emerging to extending) for each one of the sixteen Curricular Competencies and each one of the nineteen Content Learning Standards. Students may begin at one level early in the progression of lessons, and later demonstrate more understanding as the unit progresses. This is a good way to show student growth and model growth mindset.

Then, print a single copy of pages 4-7 to support your planning. You can decide what month, which textbook chapter, and which extra math tasks you will utilize for each Learning Standard and during what unit and during which activity you can teach each one of the Curricular Competencies.

Grades to Use With:

This package of data trackers is specifically designed for use in British Columbia, Canada when teaching Math 5.

What's Included:

7 Page PDF:

Title Page

Double Sided Student Tracker Sheet (print one for every kid)

4 Page Year-Long Plan (print for yourself)

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