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Beginner Italian Flash Cards Farm & Zoo Animals - Animali

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About This Product

Beginner Italian Flash Cards Farm & Zoo Animals - Animali: An Engaging Teaching Resource

The Beginner Italian Flash Cards Farm & Zoo Animals - Animali resource is an excellent tool for educators looking to foster interest in world languages, specifically Italian, among their students. Designed for beginner-level learners, this pictorial vocabulary package makes learning farm and zoo animal vocabulary engrossingly fun.

This comprehensive set comes as a downloadable PDF document with 35 A4 pages ready to print. Each page houses six square images decorated with bright colours and appealing illustrations of animals.

  • Dual-Sided Format: One side shows the picture, the respective Italian name, and its English translation.
  • Pictures + Italian Names: Some cards feature only pictures along with their corresponding animal names in Italian; this suits teachers implementing immersive strategies where English words are minimised or eliminated altogether from language lessons.
  • Single-Sided Format:: Image carries its respective word beneath it on the same card.
  • Pure Text Cards:: These versions cater to testing recognition or recall abilities among students during quizzes or revision sessions.

The vocabulary range covered extends from common farm animals like 'il gatto' (cat) and 'la mucca' (cow) to intriguing zoo animals such as 'l'elefante' (elephant) or 'il coccodrillo' (crocodile).

Durability and Versatility of Use

You can print these cards on sturdy cardstock for durability. Laminating them allows multiple uses across different terms/styles making them an excellent choice for individual study routines, collective group learning activities, or matching challenges to stimulate swift recognition and enjoyment of language learning in your class.

What's Included

A PDF file with 36 pages.

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Italian vocabulary Flashcards Farm animals Zoo animals Language learning

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