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Beginner Italian Flashcards - Feelings / Sentimenti

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About This Product

Beginner Italian Flashcards: Sentimenti

This learning resource perfectly combines visual cues with foreign language vocabulary, creating an impactful and engaging tool for educators introducing their students to basic Italian. Flexible enough for a range of student age groups, these flashcards can assist in World Languages courses specializing in Italian.

Key Features

  • User-friendly PDF format across 21 A4 pages.
  • Six vivid images per page suitable for double-sided cards or single-sided aids.
  • Versions available in both English and Italian, catering to various proficiency levels.
  • Covers a comprehensive list of emotions from 'sereno' ('well') to 'felice' ('happy') to more complex feelings like 'frustrato' ('frustration'). This variety mimics the diversity of real-life situations where these expressions would be common.
Potential Uses:

Tailored specifically for flexibility! Teachers can use these cards during group instruction or small group activities. Homeschooling parents may find them beneficial as homework tools or self-study aids. Thanks to clear visuals, they are easily matched and make fun learning games!

You can print them directly onto card stock depending on the need—fold each sheet down its centre before laminating allows you to create review-ready double-sided cards while separated images cater excellently standalone noticeboard display requirements or matching activities.

The Ultimate Teaching Resource

Making language acquisition understandable, attainable and enjoyable is critical. By successfully integrating visual prompts with foreign language vocabulary, these flashcards encourage students towards a deeper exploration & understanding of the Italian language!

What's Included

A PDF with 22 pages.

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