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Beginning Letter Sound Recognition Sorting Mats - ABC Recognition and Tracing

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About This Product

Letter recognition sorting mats.
Beginning Letter Sound Recognition.
ABC Mats

Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheets

This resource can be used in two ways. You can print on color paper, laminate and use as sorting mats. Add velcro to the pieces to make it more fun and easier to use. Add a dry erase marker for the letter tracing activity.
You can also use this same resource as worksheets. Kids will cut and paste the pieces to be sorted, then trace the letters and color the pictures.

I use them in both was. We use the laminated mats in class as literacy centers or small group activity. And I send the same pages as homework or kids use it as extra practice in class. I like that kids find it comforting to use the same activity in a different version as it is already familiar but also new in a way. It is especially beneficial with kids needing more practice with their letter recognition.

If you like this resource you may find other ABC resources in my store useful.

There is are pages with just letter tracing for more handwriting practice or the ones with letters and simple sentences for even more handwriting practice that helps with early sentence formation skills. Or if you need more letter recognition and beginning sound awareness, there is this super fun activity where each letter has it's own stories and kids sort not just pictures and letters but park cars or pace monkeys jumping on a bed. See the links below.

Letter Tracing Worksheets

Letter and Simple Sentences Tracing

Cut and Paste Letters Soring Activity

What's Included

A PDF file with

• 26 pages - letter mats or worksheets depending on how you want to use them

• 13 pages with cards - 6 cards for each letter, 2 letters per page

a total of 39 pages

Happy Teaching!

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