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Boho Editable Labels - Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor

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About This Product

The Boho Editable Labels - Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor

The Boho Editable Labels - Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor is an invaluable teaching tool specifically designed to enhance classroom organization and visual appeal. This highly versatile resource offers a whopping 167 pages of labels in 20 different sizes, covering all conceivable labeling needs in the modern classroom.

These labels pair popular boho rainbow design trends with a neutral color palette. This fits perfectly into various classroom themes as standalone decorations, helping to foster a stimulating and inviting atmosphere. The range of label sizes ensures versatility: larger ones for demarcating key stations in your room, smaller ones for identifying supply baskets.

Variability and Flexibility of Design

In terms of design flexibility, each label type provides eight to nine color variations within the chic boho aesthetic. It means you can create your own customized display that will blend smoothly into any theme applied in your learning space including Neutral Colors Boho Classroom Decor.

Editability as the Key Feature

The standout feature of these labels is their PowerPoint-based editability. Teachers like you can personalize each label according to specific needs: differentiating materials bins per activity or allocating assigned desks for students. It’s worth noting this product's wide application goes beyond mere decoration; it’s an all-important tool that augments certain classroom management practices on a daily basis:

  • Holding group lessons (guiding students through station rotations).
  • Executing small group activities (identifying materials specific to each activity).
  • Homing out assignments (labeling takeaway resources).
  • >

Favorably Applicable for Homeschooling Environments

Homeschooling parents on the other hand, will find these labels quite effective in setting up a systematic home-teaching environment, along with the promise of a pleasing aesthetic that children will definitely love.

To maximize classroom functionality and visual appeal, you can't go wrong with our novelty - editable boho rainbow themed labels!

What's Included

---> EDITABLE in Power Point

• 167 pages of editable labels

• 20 sizes

• each with 8 or 9 color options

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