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Brain Framing: Instructional Planning with the Brain in Mind

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About This Product

Brain Framing: Instructional Planning with the Brain in Mind eBook

Brain Framing: Instructional Planning with the Brain in Mind is a ground-breaking resource established to build the connection between neuroscience and classroom instruction. Exclusively tailored for educators, this guide elucidates how students' brains function, empowering them to devise more productive and engaging learning experiences for each learner in their diverse classrooms.

Diving into Neuroplasticity

This e-book is designed for those eager to explore the wonders of neuroplasticity. It offers distinctive ideas on formulating learner cognition methods that are impactful, meaningful, and bespoke for each individual's brain structure. This 152-page PDF eBook proposes an inventive approach for educators enthusiastic about revamping their instructional planning through a neuro-educational perspective.

The Scientific Foundation

Brain Framing utilises modern scientific research on brain functions as its foundation to present comprehensive strategies and teaching methodologies. These create harmony between sensory impressions and cognitive development within classrooms. In turn, it aims at reducing stress levels commonly associated with room dynamics management while promoting optimal learning environments that enhance student focus and knowledge retention.

Fundamental Educational Aspects Addressed:
  • Tailoring student experiences based on their unique neural structure
  • Optimising classroom comfort level by considering neurological factors
  • Packing course contents into digestible 'chunks' appropriate for different students' mental frames
The Methodology & Templates Provided:
(A Cornucopia Of Transformative Teaching Techniques Along With Curriculum-Enhancing Concepts)\
  1. An interactive illustration of implementing these methodologies which can significantly enhance lesson planning efficacy
  2. \
  3. A readily available collection of reproducible templates designed to achieve the detailed goals successfully.

Who is it for?

This ebook caters to educators; unbound by grade limitations, wishing to harness contemporary scientific insights about brain functioning in conjunction with improving their coaching strategies. Irrespective of whether they're leading large-group instruction in public schools or managing small-group sessions during homeschool settings—Brain Framing: Instructional Planning with the Brain in Mind will equip them with innovative practices. These are precisely aimed at achieving better educational outcomes finely tuned into everyone's unique cognitive structures.

What's Included

1 PDF with 152 ready to print pages

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