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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

Bridges Teaching Resource

The Bridges teaching resource is an ideal tool for those who appreciate a multidisciplinary approach to teaching, especially in fields such as history, art, and science. This hands-on unit provides the perfect platform from which to discuss the historical evolution of bridge construction while simultaneously exploring scientific principles or artistic inputs involved in designing and creating bridges.

Collaborative Learning Opportunity

"Bridges" presents a unique opportunity for educators to foster collaborative learning. Students apply knowledge across different subjects: history lessons about historical events surrounding bridge construction can overlap with sessions guided by their science or art teacher on designing and building a model of their own bridge.

The Package

  • Worksheets: consolidate knowledge acquisition;

  • Project materials: needed for creating models;

  • Image sheets: visually-engaging;

  • A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, equipped with relevant media links;

  • A unit test suitable for evaluating student understanding of the presented material.

Famous Bridges & Technological Advancements

This unit uses real-world examples to cultivate deep understanding. The examples highlight famous bridges across history- from Xerxes' bridge over Hellespont during Persian reigns until futuristic concepts like Space Elevators and advanced Bridge designs.

Bridges, focuses on its content primarily targeted at Grade 6-9 pupils studying Social Studies (specifically Ancient History) or Science (with particular focus on Engineering).

Bridges is neatly packed into a single Zip-type file ensuring rapid download speeds without compromising material quality – making it highly accessible across diverse educational setups including public schools or homeschooling alike.

Resource Tags

Bridges History Teaching Science Education Art Integration Collaborative Learning

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