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British National Flower Anatomy Posters | Set of 4 Flower Anatomy Posters | Shamrock, Daffodil, Thistle & Rose Posters



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About This Product

This set included 4 beautiful hand-illustrated watercolor prints featuring the 4 national flowers making up the countries of the British Isles, the Shamrock, Daffodil, Thistle, and Rose. Great for learning more about these beautiful plants, using in nature study, geography lessons, or just as a display print.

To create a lasting and tactile item I highly recommend printing the file onto watercolor paper, it creates a beautiful finish and really looks like you are handling original paintings.

What's Included

1 PDF File for the Materials.

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British National Flower Shamrock Daffodil Thistle & Rose PostersSet of 4 Flower

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