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Bunny Time Songs

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About This Product

Bunny Time Songs

Bunny Time Songs is an impressive pedagogical aid made with preschool and kindergarten learners in mind. This collection encompasses a diverse set of vivacious tunes, perfectly fabricating enjoyment mixed learning experience for kids.

Main Features
  • Decompress the downloadable zip file to access a creative reservoir of 20 entertaining songs that encourage cognitive development.
  • A highlight includes the engaging counting poem, "Five Little Bunnies". Sung by children for greater relatability, this musical number aids in fostering simple numerical concepts up-close using music's interactive benefits.
  • "Can Everyone Clap Hands Like Me" is another popular earworm - providing real-time physical coordination drill like clapping or tapping allowing subtle improvement of motor skills amidst fun!
  • Tunes like “Head/Shoulders/Knees/And Toes" assist in identifying various body parts while developing auditory aptitudes alongside enriching their vocabulary via catchy refrains.

Potential Utility & Versatility: Curriculum-harmonious yet adaptable!

Ideal for school use during group instructions or can be assigned as interactive homework too. A boon for homeschooling parents- breaking standard routine yet underlining essential learnings seamlessly. Superior travel playlists contenders and perfect indoor activity companions on gloomy days!

An excellent demarcation between pure amusement or instructive direction isn’t needed when you have Bunny Time Songs. With all-encompassing appeal, it confirms that education never stops being enchanting!

What's Included

1 zip file with 20 songs

Resource Tags

silly songs interactive learning counting poem physical coordination memory recall

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