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Burger Pattern and Sequence Game

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About This Product

Burger Pattern and Sequence Game

An engaging resource for educators teaching patterns and sequencing. This package is ideal in various learning environments, including public schools and homeschooling.

The game stages math lessons in captivating activities that are far from traditional teaching methods. Centered on constructing burgers, participants follow pattern or sequence cards to place the different burger items.

Pack Contents

  • 32 pages of illustrated burger items (buns, fillings, toppings)
  • 2 sets of burger elements over 4 pages
  • 100 task cards with visual instructions

The game can be used for individual learning or group activities and is simple enough to be used as homework assignments.


  1. Print: The required pages should ideally be laminated for added durability.
  2. Distribute: Cut out individual elements and task cards before use.
  3. Note:You can write on these with board markers; however, do avoid using permanent markers!
Bonus Tip: A damp cloth or rubbing alcohol can remove most marker stains.

This resource is a great way to learn sequences from the task cards to constructing unique patterns using various depicted ingredients - it's all about having fun while learning!

Suitable For Grades K-3+
Tying directly into study areas like Math (especially Patterns), this activity offers varied gameplay fulfilling gamified learning potential in its truest sense. Please note that this resource is supplied digitally as a PDF for ease of access and convenience.

What's Included

About this product

This product contains a total of 32 pages of burger clip arts and task cards, 4 pages of 2 set of burger filling and toppings, and 100 task cards. In the purpose of the game the kids will build the burger stack matching the task cards they were given. If the templates are laminated then the teacher/parent can use a marker to cooperate other games and ideas.

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Burger Pattern Sequence Game Math Centers Task Cards Educational Resource

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