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Cactus Bulletin Board Kit | Door Decor | Back to School | Editable

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About This Product

The Cactus Bulletin Board Kit

The Cactus Bulletin Board Kit, ideal for Door Decor and Back to School theme, is an engaging teaching accessory designed to uplift your classroom aesthetic while encouraging an effective learning milieu. It introduces pupils to a delightful educational environment stimulating curiosity and promoting growth mindset.

Crafted with top-notch digital graphics, this kit comprises of fun yet sophisticated elements. Each integral part showcases vibrant colors and distinctive cacti characters completely transforming classrooms into appealing spaces conducive for learning. The highlighted cacti characters arouse joy among students while inspiring educational phrases boost their mental aptitude daily.

Inclusions of the Kit

  • Lettering Options: The kit offers three types of lettering options with empowering messages such as, "WE'RE GOING TO GROW THIS YEAR!", "WELCOME TO OUR CLASS", and "MINDS GROW HERE!". These expressions inspire children towards academic growth, applicable in Grade 1 through Grade 8 classrooms.
  • Paper Size Compatibility: Each page with high-quality content fits the standard 8.5 x 11 US Letter Paper size perfectly.
  • Editability: After inputting desired names in the provided PPT file, instructors can save it as PDF according to their preference using the 'Print Scale' function within their reader.
  • Variety of File Types: This product comes packed in multiple files inside a ZIP file format – one PNG file and three distinct PDF files like borders adorned with cacti elements (Borders), ornate flags usually used for celebrations or decor emitting splendor drawing attention cheerfully labeled ‘Bunting’, editable Cactus structures serving important notices earning appreciation from students (Editable ‘Cactus’), and distinct board decoration accents, perfect for emphasizing on certain occasions.


Please ensure you have the necessary software to open ZIP files for easy accessibility. Keep in mind that color variations can occur due to differences in monitor displays. Being a 100% digital product, this tool will not have a physical delivery. It’s an invaluable addition for Back To School arrangements and festivities during classroom holidays.

What's Included

Cactus Bulletin Board Kit is the most complete resource for your classroom decor.

What's included: 1 PPT file, 1 PNG file, and 3 PDF files

PDF FILE: Borders

PDF FILE: Buntings

PDF FILE: Editable Cactus

PDF FILE: Board decor (1 size on 1 page )

PNG FILE: letters

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