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Calendar Glam - Cactus Theme

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About This Product

Calendar Glam - Cactus Theme

Calendar Glam - Cactus Theme is an exciting teaching resource designed to enhance the look and feel of any learning environment. This calendar set can be used in both homeschool and public school settings, making it a versatile addition for any educator's toolkit.

Aesthetics Meets Functionality

The Cactus Theme, characterized by its stylish shiplap design, adds a modern appeal to your educational space. More than just offering aesthetic pleasure, this theme brings in sensible functionality to help educators stay organized.

'All-in-One' Package

  • 12 monthly headers: Offers yearly overview at a glance.
  • 31 numbered calendar squares: Along with 5 blank ones for customization as per individual needs.
  • Birthday cards, No-school cards & Holiday notification elements: Brings novelty throughout the academic year.

Suitable Across Grades

This resource meets teachers' needs across different grades (1st through 4th). It's not just about listing days & dates, but also about highlighting special school events and serving decorative purposes within classrooms.

Versatile beyond School Contexts

Beyond classrooms or homeschooled contexts – if you're trying to infuse style into professional spaces like home offices – Calendar Glam: Cactus Theme easily fits while ensuring effective organization.

Learning with Fun on Cards!

The instructional guide rides high on practicality while ensuring conceptual clarity about weekdays through its unique 'Today is', 'Yesterday was', and 'Tomorrow will be' cards inclusive of headers for each weekday. Delivered as a PDF file, this teaching accessory enhances learners' understanding of time in an engaging way.

What's Included

This file includes the following:

• 12 monthly calendar headings

• 7 days of the week cards

• 31 day cards

• 6 Happy Birthday cards

• 6 Field Trip cards

• 6 No School cards

• 9 pages of school events and holiday cards

• Decorative elements to add to empty card spaces and header

* Today is, Yesterday Was, and Tomorrow Will Be cards as well as Days of the Week headers

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