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Candy Corn Spelling CVC Word Puzzles

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Students will practice reading, writing and spelling CVC words with these candy corn themed CVC puzzles. The candy corn themed literacy center is perfect for a fall or Halloween themed activity for students learning to read and spell CVC words.

What is Included:

This resource includes two puzzle mats and 20 CVC word puzzles with a candy corn theme.

The first puzzle mat is for students to build a CVC word, draw a picture of the word, and then write the word. The second puzzle mat is for students to build the CVC words and write them on the provided lines. They can create and write up to eight CVC words on this mat. Each CVC word puzzle is available in color and black and white. Each colored part of the candy corn contains a different letter so CVC words can be built as students put candy corn pieces together.

How to Use:

Students will build one CVC word at a time on their chosen CVC puzzle mat. The student will then complete the activity their puzzle mat focuses on.

Where to Use:

  • Literacy Centers - The puzzles and mats can be placed in a literacy center for students to complete individually or with a partner.

  • Small Group Activity - Teachers can work with small groups of students who need more practice with reading, writing or spelling CVC words.

  • Morning Tubs or Baskets - These puzzles and mats make a great morning activity for students to complete while waiting on their classmates to arrive to class.

These candy corn CVC puzzles are a fantastic way for students to create CVC words. Students can read each word they built and determine if the word they built is real or nonsense.

Skills Assessed:

Students will demonstrate their ability to spell, read, and write CVC words and their ability to determine if the words built were real or nonsense words.

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