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Candy land basic classroom labels

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Candy Land Basic Classroom Labels

A distinct teaching tool that facilitates an exciting learning environment for preschool to first-grade students, by providing a systematic yet vibrant classroom decor. Sporting traditional candy land theme colors and designs, these labels create an engaging blend of aesthetics and functionality. The attractive font choices further add to the playfulness without compromising readability.

Label Components

The label pack includes:

  • Areas of Instruction: Reading Corner, Maths Wall, Library Corner etc.
  • Creative Categories: Motivational Wall, Art Gallery etc.
  • Organizational Tools: Status indicators like "Completed Tasks," "Incomplete Tasks," labels for stationary items etc.
All-in-One Decoration Solution

This comprehensive set equips educators with tools they require to personalize their space and keep track of student activities both during group work or independent study.

Prolonged Use

The PDF files can be quickly printed and laminated for long-term usage.Note: As per non-commercial license agreement status, teachers may modify these supplies but are refrained from reselling them post-modification.

Brightening Up Your Educational Space!

This Candy land themed resource presents you with an efficient yet enjoyable approach to enliven your educational setting while promoting positive interaction among students in all areas of the class!

What's Included

This set includes:

Different classroom labels

Labels included in purchase:

Reading corner

Word wall

Maths wall

Numeracy wall

English wall

Literacy wall

Arts & crafts



Wall of fame

Motivational wall

Art gallery

Think space

Completed tasks

Incomplete tasks

Library corner

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