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Cells,Skeletal & Muscular Systems: Cells-The Building Blocks of Life - FLASH-PC

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Human Body


Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Cells, Skeletal & Muscular Systems: Cells - The Building Blocks of Life - FLASH-PC: An Essential Teaching Tool

An invaluable resource for teachers focusing on the Grades 5 to 8 bracket. This software is specifically designed to facilitate instruction and learning about the intricate human body, primarily concerning how cells contribute to forming skeletal and muscular systems.

Incorporated Learning Strategies:

  • Reading Chapters Mini: Features engaging reading passages, pre-reading prompts 'Before you Read,' and post-reading questions 'After you Read.' These guide student's attention towards key details during reading and encourage comprehension reflection afterwards.
  • Interactive Activities: Integrated with dynamic activities for all students’ active involvement. Its versatility makes it suitable for whole class instruction or cooperative small group activities.
  • Vocabulary Flashcards & Graphic Organizers: Comes with flashcards that outline terminology relating to cells, their functions within skeletal, and muscular systems. It also provides graphical organizers designed to simplify complex concepts by showing data patterns or relationships between ideas visually.

This software is structured in line with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) which aligns your teaching methods with recognized educational benchmarks thereby providing quality education for all learners.
Suitable references from Bloom's Taxonomy were used in designing these standards offering a dependable teaching guide no matter where your school district might be located.

Add-On Materials:

The FLASH-PC suite also includes printable materials giving teachers flexibility beyond computer-based instructions, best applicable as homework assignments or low-tech environments like field trips.

To ensure full convenience,this software has been modeled into a file-type compatible mainly PCs hence proving invaluable during lesson preparation either ahead of class time or during real-time classes in both face-to-face setups and increasingly popular digital classes.

In conclusion, Cells, Skeletal & Muscular Systems: Cells-The Building Blocks of Life - FLASH-PC is a comprehensive teaching solution that combines informative text, interactive sessions, flashcards and printable materials into one resource.
Its alignment to recognized curriculum standards ensures its suitability for any Science class that prioritizes the study of the human body.

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