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Change - Convert - Customary Weight - Ounces, Pounds, and Tons Digital Activity

Change - Convert - Customary Weight - Ounces, Pounds, and Tons Digital Activity
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Grade 4, 5



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About This Product

The Change - Convert - Customary Weight - Ounces, Pounds, and Tons Digital Activity

This dynamic teaching resource is designed to foster enthusiasm and engagement in mathematics with a particular focus on conversions among customary units of weight. It is an ideal addition to the curriculum for grade 4 or 5 teachers.

Modern & Interactive Learning Approach

Gone are the days of tedious textbook problems!
This Google Sheets-based activity provides interactive computation practice with its exciting Mystery Picture Reveal feature which unveils parts of a mystery picture as students answer questions correctly, thus making math interesting again.

Contents & Use

  • The digital activity file includes 12 problems related to converting customary units in weight (Change 19T to ____ lbs as an example).
  • Easily uploadable onto your Google Drive, these can be assigned via Google Classroom or other Learning Management Systems.
  • Suitable for use as morning work, homework exercises or even bell ringers – encouraging increased student interaction and responsibility.

Crafted for Convenience & Comprehension

No-prep pack: This saves you valuable time spent on lesson preparation.
Solving Method: Students can solve using whiteboards or scratch paper before typing their final answers into designated cells.
Misconception Trapper:This self-grading tool provides insight into what areas are problematic when it comes to converting ounces to pounds and tons.

The inclusion of a 'student's recording sheet' promotes substance over superficiality by tracking each child's problem-solving process. This encourages true intuitive understanding rather than rote learning.


Overall, this comprehensive teaching tool doesn’t just provide content relevance and student engagement. It streamlines lesson planning with its pre-loaded questions, immediate feedback through its self-checking feature, and caters to diverse learning styles.
A truly valuable addition to reignite enthusiasm for math in your students!

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

12 Change Customary Units of Weight Problems in Google Sheets to save you time correcting

Student Recording Sheet so that students show their process

Teacher Answer Key to save you time

Example problem: Change 19T to ____ lbs.

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