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Change Fractions to Decimals - Tenths & Hundredths - Self-Checking Activity

An educational teaching resource from Digitally Yours Shop entitled Change Fractions to Decimals - Tenths & Hundredths - Self-Checking Activity downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

Change Fractions to Decimals - Tenths & Hundredths: A Self-Checking Activity

This teaching resource is designed for educators working with Grade 5 and Grade 6 students. Its interactive nature fosters a positive learning environment around the complex concept of transforming fractions to decimals.

Aligns With Curriculum Goals

  • 6.RP.3c I can convert fractions to decimals.

The unique self-checking feature presents parts of a mystifying picture each time kids solve problems correctly which makes it fun-filled and engaging while enhancing productivity levels during math practices.

A Well Rounded Learning Tool

A total of 12 problems centered on converting fractions (tenths & hundredths) into decimals provides:
  • a seamless teaching experience devoid of necessary corrections from teachers as all tasks are digitally performed on Google Sheets leading to significant saved time and effort.
This tool further offers:

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  • a student recording sheet offering valuable insight into their workflow process, thus boosting retention rates among learners,

  • a procedural as well as conceptual grasp over topic facilitating both classroom instructing purposes like reteaching or reviewing lessons along with home practice lessons.

Primarily, the Change Fractions to Decimals tool not only serves as an educational instrument but also includes attractive features both for educators and learners such as quick setup procedures and an engaging learning method. The advent of this modern teaching tool is indeed a simple, fun-filled yet comprehensive way of understanding the intricate concept of converting fractions into decimals.

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

12 Change Fractions to Decimals Problems in Google Sheets to save you time correcting

Student Recording Sheet so that students show their process

Teacher Answer Key to save you time

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