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Change Metric Capacity Digital Self-Checking Math Activity

Change Metric Capacity Digital Self-Checking Math Activity
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Grade 4, 5



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About This Product

Revolutionize Your Math Classes with Change Metric Capacity Digital Self-Checking Math Activity

This we present you an innovative tool that is going to change your math teaching game, forever. Designed to help students master the concept of metric capacity conversion, this activity is interactive, engaging and self-checking.

The product package includes:

  • A Google Slides-based activity consisting of 12 capacity-related problems.
  • An innovative drag and drop feature for active student participation.
  • An automatic puzzle picture that comes together as a reward for correct problem solving.
  • A student recording sheet for tracking their learning process.
  • A Teacher Answer Key providing fast reference points thus reducing teacher preparation time.

Built-in Flexibility and Adaptability: Integrating the Activity in Class

This tool has been designed with a significant focus on flexibility. Easy to assimilate into any teaching method or classroom routine; it can serve various purposes such as:

  1. Morning work or homework assignments,

  2. Introductory warm-ups or wrap-up exit tickets,

  3. Lesson check-ins,

  4. Cross-checking conceptual knowledge through review sessions
  5. )
Note: The ultimate goal here is not just conceptual but also procedural understanding.

No Additional Preparation Required - Ready-to-go!

We take pride in delivering educational products which are hassle free. Therefore, this math activity involves absolutely no additional prep work for you! It easily fits fourth-year or fifth-year grade math lesson routines enhancing both, teaching and learning experiences

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