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Childhood Memory Narrative Essay

An educational teaching resource from The Language of Educational Art, LLC entitled Childhood Memory Narrative Essay downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

This one week creative writing assignment will let your students reflect on a significant childhood memory while developing their narrative writing literary skills. Designed for ELA classrooms grades 6-12, these scaffolded activities will guide your students through reflection, planning, outlining, drafting, peer editing, and polishing a thematic narrative built around a significant experience from their past.

For a more expansive unit that includes an original narrative involving a childhood memory, accompanying analysis question (w/ answer key), and a literary analysis essay, consider purchasing L-EA’s Childhood Memory Narrative Unit Bundle.


All The Language of Educational Art's short essay assignment products are provided as print-ready PDFs. All L-EA products are designed to accommodate many digital delivery strategies. Please contact us if different file types or page edits are desired. We can accommodate most requests within 24 hours.


The Language of Educational Art produces ready resources for the overworked English teacher. All L-EA content is created to be straightforward, engaging, digital-delivery ready, and clear enough for a “10-second sub plan.” If there is content you wish we had, let us know and we’ll create it. Easier still, give us a follow and enjoy our store.

What's Included

Ideal for a short creative writing project, your purchase includes:

A childhood memory narrative essay assignment sheet with essay rationale, step-by-step directions, writing tips, and self-and-peer revision checklist

TASK 1: A childhood memory planning activity that assists students on recalling favorite experiences from their past and contemplating the narrative elements surrounding those important life moments

TASK 2: L-EA’s unique narrative planning worksheet that assists students in developing their narrative’s setting, protagonist, foil character(s), conflict, and theme (with very little writing required!). This activity is ideal for students who struggle to come up with “ideas.” Also included with this task are an interview and narrative outline activities

TASK 3: A peer editing worksheet with a collaboration assessment rubric

The choice of two scaffolded and “assessment simplified” rubrics (a 40-point rubric tied to 4 ELA Common Core standards and a 90-point rubric tied to 8 standards)

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