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CHOICES-A Lesson On Responding To Bullying (Being An Upstander)

CHOICES-A Lesson On Responding To Bullying (Being An Upstander)
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

CHOICES: Empowering Upstanders Against Bullying

Suited for students from third to seventh grade, CHOICES targets the crucial issue of bullying by equipping children with subtle but impactful response mechanisms.

Facilitating Crucial Dialogues

This teaching resource operates in the secure environment of classrooms, exploring why some people resort to bullying and training pupils in developing relevant soft skills. Rather than being passive spectators, students are encouraged to become proactive upstanders against such behavior.

Powerpoint Presentation and Scenario Cards

  • A PowerPoint presentation guides the path towards establishing an inclusive class atmosphere through discussions on real-life scenarios that may be encountered at or outside school.
  • To make learning more engaging and reflective, a set of 16 allied scenario cards allows for interactive partner role-plays or group activities. Herein learners can practice covert anti-bullying strategies discussed during digital lessons.

Beyond Classroom Boundaries: Homework Assignments as Purposeful Explorations

The model is especially beneficial for Life Skills educators looking for specialized resources but also works effectively in whole-group instruction setups or small-group settings. With CHOICES, at-home assignments transform into captivating reviews where various concepts get revisited.

In Conclusion:
'CHOICES' fosters youth empowerment by educating young minds about responsibly dealing with bullying issues while promoting empathy—an essential life skill indeed.

What's Included

A PowerPoint lesson on being an upstander and scenario cards at the end of the PowerPoint lesson.

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