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Christmas Addition Mystery Picture

Christmas Addition Mystery Picture
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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

This set of Christmas mystery pictures is great for students to practice their addition facts. Each mystery worksheet features 100 math problems for students to solve to complete the picture. Many of the problems are repetitive so students can have a lot of practice with each individual math fact. Kindergarteners and first graders will have fun coloring their mystery picture!

Types of Pictures

  • One Christmas tree mystery picture with sums up to 5

  • One Christmas tree mystery picture with sums up to 10

By having two different mystery pictures, teacher will be able to differentiate for those who are working on more advanced addition facts.

How to Use:

Students will solve each addition fact in each square, then color that square according to the color key at the top of the page. The finished picture should resemble a Christmas tree.

When to Use

  • Early Finishers - Students who finish assignments early can work on these mystery pictures while waiting on their classmates to finish the assignment.

  • Extra Practice - These make great practice for sums up to 5 or up to 10.

  • Homework - These mystery pictures are perfect to send home for students to complete with their parents.

  • Morning Work - These worksheets are a nice addition to a morning work routine, as students can complete a mystery picture while waiting on their classmates to arrive to class.

  • Math Center - These mystery pictures can be placed in a math center with crayons for students to work on independently.

  • Sub Plans - These worksheets are a fun activity to leave for a sub.. They are easy to assign and explain to students.

These Christmas addition mystery pictures are a no prep option for teachers to assign to students so they can practice their addition facts. The teacher just needs to make sure each students has the correct colors to complete the picture.

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