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Math Readiness - Grade K

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About This Product

Math Readiness - Grade K

Math Readiness - Grade K is a meticulously designed workbook created to improve and prepare children for their foundational math skills. This resource is invaluable for educators in public schools as well as homeschool teachers. The material in this book acts like stepping stones, leading towards more complex mathematical concepts, broken down into manageable sections.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Variety of Engaging Activities: This workbook contains varying exercises, effectively acting as a precursor to most elementary math curriculums.
  2. Versatile Layout: Despite having an ordered presentation of pages that serves as a roadmap for teaching, its layout allows flexibility according to each child's unique learning needs.
  3. Suitable for All Levels of Readiness: The workbook accommodates the varying levels of readiness among children when it comes to mathematics instruction.
  4. Promotes Independent Learning: The exercises are designed such that students can navigate through them with minimal supervision. This encourages self-reliance and confidence in their acquired mathematical abilities and makes it suitable not just for group lessons but also for individual assignments or guided practice during free study periods.

Breadth of Skills Covered:

  • Fosters initial learning on topics such as size comparison and positioning discrimination;

    • E.g Norfolk Pine(1st), Blue Spruce(2nd), Douglas Fir(3rd).
    \ Respective positions - justified by introducing the concept of ordinal numbers e.g first, second, third.
  • Presents engaging activities for number recognition up to 10;
  • Cultivates knowledge about shapes such as circle, square, rectangle and triangle;
  • Provides understanding of base number concepts from 1 through 10; and
  • Introduces children to number words.
  • All these skills play a crucial role in advancing a child's mathematical proficiency.

Finally, this comprehensive package comes as one downloadable PDF file containing 48 pages optimized for Kindergarten learners studying Math. It is convenient for both parents aiming to boost their child’s preparedness at home or skilled teachers wanting top-notch supplemental worksheets within classroom settings.

What's Included

1 PDF with 48 ready to print pages

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