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Christopher Columbus Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

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Christopher Columbus Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

The Christopher Columbus Lapbook/Interactive Notebook starts a journey through history, unveiling the life, voyages and experiences of Christopher Columbus in an exciting interactive manner. This Ebook resource provides educators with a thorough study guide coupled with step-by-step instructions for creating an engaging three-folder lapbook.

This educational material contains a variety of engagement tools suitable for students from grades K-8. The ability to adapt these materials according to the student's grade requirements offers flexibility that can serve younger students learning about world discovery and older students delving into deeper colonization topics.

  • A comprehensive focus on detailed explorations of his voyages
  • In-depth information about ships like Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria sailing through Aragon, Castile to Bahamas or Haiti.
  • Perspective on larger themes surrounding these historical events
  • Includes clues hinting at exploration dynamics between America and New World territories
    • Example: Vikings' participation in exploration journeys dated back to 1492

This more than just a worksheet; it is an interactive educational tool that brings PDF pages into practical interactions inspiring creativity in young learners while rooting historical knowledge firmly during this process. Fun hands-on elements such as cutting out templates along with follow-through guidance provided by study guides make learning enjoyable apart from traditional lecture-style teachings.

Possible classroom applications include:
• Use within group studies sparking community conversations triggered by questions posed related to the subject.
• As individual assignments promoting self-paced exploratory questions.
What Does It Include?
The inclusion of Biographies is a valuable addition within Social Studies curricula. Note: No matter whether you're instructing eager students in large classrooms or guiding your child through a homeschooling journey, turn social studies teachings into dynamic interactive activities that jumpstart cognitive understanding using this creator-developed Christopher Columbus Lapbook/Interactive Notebook- EBook.

What's Included

55 pages in PDF format

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Christopher Columbus Lapbook Interactive Notebook Exploration Colonialism

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