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Columbus Day Reading Writing Drawing Activity Packet

An educational teaching resource from KP Classroom entitled Columbus Day Reading Writing Drawing Activity Packet downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Columbus Day


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5





KP Classroom
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About This Product

Columbus Day Reading Writing Drawing Activity Packet Overview

The Columbus Day Reading Writing Drawing Activity Packet is an all-inclusive educational tool designed for grade 1 to 5 students. It provides a comprehensive narrative of Christopher Columbus's voyage and facilitates academic growth through diverse exercises.

Contents & Activities

This packet involves both factual information about Columbus Day and functional exercises focusing on text interpretation, vocabulary enhancement, and creative storytelling. Its extensive activities include:

  • Reading comprehension with response tasks
  • Vocabulary drills based on exploration themes
  • Word searches and decoding exercises
  • Drawing assignments for fostering creativity with learning
  • Simplistic mathematic problems related to Columbus's journey

Note: This 'no prep' package comes ready-to-use, making it an efficient complement to lesson planning.

Tailoring Instruction & Homework Assignments

Educators can use this packet for group lessons or partition it into sections according to individual or sub-group capabilities. Its versatility also extends as effective homework assignment that allows self-assessment of topic comprehension while practicing at-home learning skills.

Beyond just the Holiday Celebration - A Historical Overview

In addition to being a perfect resource for celebrating the holiday, it informs children about other notable explorers from Christopher Columbus's time as well - intensifying student understanding of the era in context.

To Conclude...

This activity packet encourages alternative teaching models by integrating hands-on activities that teach not only about historical events like Columbus Day but also promote core academic skills such as reading, writing, critical thinking process implementation as well numeric data dissection.
Hence, the Columbus Day Reading Writing Drawing Activity Packet offers a unique and diverse approach in retaining student engagement and interest levels through its variety of exercises..

What's Included

This packet includes:

• What is Columbus Day?

• What is Columbus Day? Read, Think, Respond (Close Read)

• Christopher Columbus

• Christopher Columbus Reading Response

• Columbus Paired Texts

• Columbus Day Vocabulary

• Christopher Columbus - Sailing Ships

• Where Columbus Sailed

• Where Columbus Sailed Reading Response

• Other Explorers

• Other Explorers Reading Response

• Columbus Poem

• Columbus Poem Reading Response

• Columbus Day Draw and Write

• Columbus Day Words

• Columbus Day Word Search

• Columbus Day Vocabulary Cards

• Columbus Day ABC Order

• Columbus Day Words and Sentences

• Columbus Day Patterns

• Columbus Day Acrostic Poem

• Explorer's Ship - fill and color

• Columbus Day Numbers - largest and smallest

• Columbus Day Skip Counting

• Columbus Day Word Problems

• Columbus Directions

• Columbus Day Maze

• Columbus Day KWL grid

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