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Circulatory, Digestive & Reproductive Systems - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 5-8 - FLASH-MAC

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Human Body


Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

The Circulatory, Digestive & Reproductive Systems - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 5-8 for Flash-Mac

This digital lesson plan is a highly interactive and engaging teaching resource. It comprises of an impressive 80 interactive screen-pages that provides an in-depth learning experience about the human body.

  1. Circulatory System:

    Students can explore the circulator system from the unique perspective of a red blood cell as it navigates through veins, arteries, and the heart.

  2. Digestive System:

    The journey continues with students discovering how food is transformed into energy along with essential lessons on waste removal functions by organs like kidneys and intestines.

  3. Reproductive System:

    A deep dive into another critical area of biology – reproduction - educates students about human reproduction stages adding substantial depth to their understanding.

Interactive Learning Approach:

  • Innovative Screen Pages: These pages are designed with comprehensive reading passages as well as interactive elements. The before-and-after reading activities help keep learners engaged throughout their sessions.
  • Educational Games & Puzzles:: Features like test preps, memory matches, crossword puzzles not just help bulit a stronger retention but also makes learning fun alike.
  • Multimedia Support :: Supporting video and audio resources cater to diverse learning styles across Grade 5-8 students efficiently. This software is suitable for group instruction or individual assignments aligning to various training dynamics. The content complies with State Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy, thereby serving a dual purpose of educating students about the human body while sparking their curiosity.
This Digital Lesson Plan for Flash-Mac can regardlessly be employed across different settings: traditional classroom teaching or home-schooling scenarios.

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