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Classroom Awards For Student Growth in Social Emotional Learning

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About This Product

These social emotional classroom awards are not focused on achievement, rather focused on student growth with specific social emotional criteria. Each award is specific to utilizing positive social skills as well as emotional skills in the appropriate setting.  Not only for social workers or counselors, these awards can be used in a classroom setting as well! With a total of 25 awards, each page has an award title and description of the award.

These awards are perfect for the end of the year, or when you notice that your students are excelling at their goals. These awards can also be given at the end of a group as well! A perfect way to instill positive reinforcement on positive behaviors and to show recognition to students for meeting their goals!

Award Titles:

❤️Best Problem Solver

❤️Super Social Skills

❤️Friendship Award

❤️Best Helper

❤️Best Expressive

❤️Caring Classmate

❤️Empathy Expert

❤️Most Dependable

❤️Kindness Recognition


❤️Extraordinary Effort

❤️Super Sharer

❤️Peace Maker

❤️Sunny Smile

❤️Behavior Battle

❤️Self Awareness

❤️Confident Kid

❤️Goal Getter

❤️Conversation Coordinator

❤️Best Listener

❤️Respecting Other

❤️Creative Outlet

❤️Play Pal

❤️Self Control

❤️Monster Tamer


I like to use these as I go throughout the school year as often I see both students I am working with, and Gen-Ed students that excel in using positive social skills. I have found that when I give these awards out, it tends to boost a student’s confidence and helps to encourage that specific behavior or skill to continue!

Ideas for Use;

⭐Given after a student completes a goal or objective

⭐Group Graduations

⭐Positive Reinforcement

⭐End of the school year

⭐Recognition awards for student throughout the year

What's Included

25 Social Emotional Awards

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