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Close Reading Comprehension 'Feather World' (4-8 years)

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Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

Close Reading Comprehension 'Feather World' (4-8 years)

A comprehensive teaching tool designed for language arts educators, both in public schools and homeschooling environments. Primarily aimed at Grade 1 and Grade 2 students, it offers engaging material that puts a new spin on boosting reading comprehension skills.

Focus on Phonics

This resource works with a focus on revising soft c, soft g, and words ending in -ing. It offers an enjoyable pathway into the enchanting world of phonics via an entertaining story about Feather World.

Fostering Reflection & Critical Thinking

The story is accompanied by carefully designed questions that urge students to ruminate over what they've read. This not only solidifies understanding but also helps develop critical thinking skills from early on. This can be done independently or as a guided activity with adult assistance for those who need it.

Versatile Usage

  • Group Instruction: Depending upon class size and varying student capabilities, this resource can be used for instruction involving the entire class or smaller groups.
  • Homework Assignment: Additionally, it can function as an independent homework task to reinforce learnings at home.
'Learn To Read With Phonics': Module Highlight

This tool is part of our innovative 'Learn To Read With Phonics' module that spans across 27 pages. Particularly noteworthy features include:
  • The inclusion of differently formatted printable worksheets which facilitate ease-of-use during lesson planning or supplementary revision sessions.
  • A PDF file format ensures compatibility across different devices—be it printed in-class handouts or digital access from home.
  • The resource offers an unmatched blend of practicality and convenience.

Final Takeaway

Close Reading Comprehension 'Feather World' (4-8 years) makes a fine addition to your repertoire of teaching strategies in elementary language arts. It merges creative storytelling with effectual questioning approaches—making learning not just fun, but deep-seated and insightful for your pupils.

What's Included

27 pages

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phonics reading comprehension language arts storytelling questioning strategies

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