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Close Reading Comprehension 'Muddy Shoes' (4-8 years)

Close Reading Comprehension 'Muddy Shoes' (4-8 years)
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Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Get ready to explore "Muddy Shoes," a delightful and engaging digital learning resource tailored for young learners aged 4-8 years, aimed at enhancing close reading comprehension skills and incorporating phonics using the 'ea' sound. This enjoyable learning tool consists of an enchanting 16-page story accompanied by thoughtfully designed comprehension questions to assess understanding and reinforce knowledge retention. As a part of our well-received 'Learn To Read With Phonics' reading scheme, this product enables children to expand their learning journey in a fun and exciting manner.

"Muddy Shoes" is an excellent choice for teachers seeking valuable additions to their curriculum, as well as parents looking for supportive resources that can improve their child's literacy skills at home. While the material could be challenging for younger learners, they are encouraged to collaborate with an adult so they can respond to the comprehension questions verbally, fostering a cooperative approach that promotes growth.

By sharing "Muddy Shoes" with your students or children, you'll not only help hone their cognitive abilities but also evoke the joy and love for learning through relatable stories based on everyday situations. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your young learners' reading confidence with this exceptional educational resource!

What's Included

16 pages

Resource Tags

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