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Read the phonic story 'Muddy Shoes' ("ea" sound)

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About This Product

Read the Phonic Story 'Muddy Shoes'

The resource offered, titled Read the Phonic Story 'Muddy Shoes', provides learning experiences for children from age 4 and above. The emphasis is on introductory consonant digraphs such as ch, sh, th and vowel digraphs like oo, ee. The objective of these materials is to enhance students' reading skills by matching words with their corresponding pictures resourcefully.

This educational aid can be used across all reading levels: those who might be struggling or even learners for whom English is a second language. The material introduces children to Sam, a lively character who takes young readers along on his thrilling adventures while subtly incorporating key phonics into the text.

A Unique Phonics Teaching Tool

This teaching tool uniquely weaves in 44 phonic sounds into the stories. This method allows students to read approximately 80% of words in English by segmenting them into sounds - paving way for noticeable progress.

  • Cut-out practice pages are included in the resources to match written phrases with relevant illustrations - reinforcing learnt sound words effectively.
  • Welcome illustrations complemented by captivating text make up an exhaustive package that youngsters find intriguing

Tips on Usage:

  1. Familiarize your child/children with each new phonic sound being introduced
  2. Engage them in repeated readings of sentences or stories whilst discussing related images within context.
  3. Incorporate matching exercises using given phrases or words at the end of each unit helps solidify taught sounds understanding.

Suitable For:

This product targets early learners through grade one focusing primarily on language arts, precisely phonics.


The resource can be implemented in its entirety for whole-class instruction or in segments for small reading groups. It can even be assigned as homework thereby encouraging meaningful teacher-parent engagement. Delivered in PDF format, the primary aim is to nurture an engaging yet knowledge-rich environment that guides young minds into becoming confident readers.

What's Included

7 pages

Resource Tags

phonic sounds consonant digraphs vowel digraphs reading skills matching exercises sounds of ea

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