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Close Reading Comprehension 'The Monster Near The Bed’

Close Reading Comprehension 'The Monster Near The Bed’
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Close Reading Comprehension 'The Monster Near The Bed’

'The Monster Near The Bed' is a teaching resource designed optimally for educators working with students from kindergarten to grade 3. This tool revolves around an intriguing story that classifies as an excellent medium to revise silent letters.

About the Product

  • The product includes sixteen pages replete with enriching content tailored to stimulate young minds.
  • It is strategically integrated into Language Arts curriculum, focusing primarily on the Reading sub-category.
  • The smart incorporation of Phonics ensures children enhance their reading skills via our comprehensive 'Learn To Read With Phonics' reading scheme.

Included Features

The assets incorporated in this teaching aid comprise comprehension questions related to the story. They:

  1. Lend opportunity for bolstering understanding and assessing learning outcomes.
  2. Underline the importance of adult guidance and promote collaborative learning for learners favoring verbal over written answers.

Format and Utility

This educational tool is provided in user-friendly PDF format, applicable efficaciously across varied settings like:

  • A classroom discussion centered on phonetics intricacies.

  • An intimate group activity delving into silent letters mechanics exploration.

    A home task promulgating worthy engagement while reinforcing concepts taught at school.

, <br/> Note:This versatile educational resource blends foundational literary aspects with creative narratives like 'Monster Near The Bed'. Thus, it allows teachers and homeschoolers to provide engaging language art lessons.


Close Reading Comprehension 'The Monster Near The Bed’ serves not just as a captivating phonetics journey, but also amplifies overall reading comprehension skills among early-grade scholars.

What's Included

16 pages

Resource Tags

close reading comprehension phonics silent letters language arts

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