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Color By Code | Qualities Of A Good Friend Color By Number Activity Pa

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About This Product

When kids are young, they think everyone is their friend but not realizing that good friendships are a necessity and have no idea what makes a good friend! Are you looking for a fun way to teach and review healthy friendships and what makes a good friend? This color by code activity is a great way to review and learn about different friendship traits and all of the traits that makes someone a good friend.

These worksheets put a new spin on color-by-number activities, where the student has to read each quality of a good friend and then color the corresponding number. As students color the corresponding number, the students will then reflect on the friends they have that match that quality (or maybe ones that don't).

What's Included?

⭐8 Different Pictures

⭐8 Answer Keys

⭐28 Different Qualities of a good friend

Some Ideas for Use Are:

❤️Individual Lessons

❤️Small Groups For Bullying

❤️Whole Class Lesson on Bullying

❤️Morning Meeting SEL Activity

❤️Busy Binder Work

These color by code worksheets are perfect to incorporate into your everyday SEL lessons, or to even utilize to help teach and reinforce different qualities of healthy friendships both in the classroom and your counseling sessions. These worksheets can also be used in individual lessons, small group counseling sessions, and counseling push in sessions! When you use these worksheets, your students are sure to have loads of fun!

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