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Color The Number - Numbers to 10

About This Product

Color The Number - Numbers to 10

A dynamic teaching resource, this educational pack contains 15 well-crafted and engaging activity pages, with a focus on numbers ranging from one to ten. It is a quintessential resource for early learning stages including preschool, kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 students.

Cross-curricular Approach:

It smoothly amalgamates multiple subjects such as mathematics with art & music enlivening the number learning journey with vivacious colors.


This pack can be deployed in various manners. From providing an enriching educational experience to your class of enthusiastic learners or singular student at home via homeschooling.

Pedagogical Benefits:

  • Number Recognition: Students are encouraged to identify numbers and color corresponding amounts of circles — a method for associating quantity with numerals and enhancing counting skills.
  • Visual Discrimination Ability: Discern different digits through coloring exercises that require care and accuracy.
  • Fine Motor Skills & Hand-eye Coordination: The process of coloring improves these crucial skills in students
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  • Encourage Subitizing: An advantage that this fun-filled coloring activity provides is swift identification of number without counting.

You can promote independent learning where each student engages at their own pace or consider incorporating these resources into your day-to-day homework routine for consistent reinforcement beyond school hours. For teachers desirous of creating animated math centers involving small groups or pairs working together collaboratively—the Color The Number - Numbers to 10 activities naturally fit.

Creative & Practical Tool:

This fun alternative formative assessment tool gauges grasp over number concepts accurately within the classroom setting. Use different coloring options like crayons , markers or colored pencils to elevate engagement levels.

Color The Number - Numbers to 10

Take your students on a journey of numbers and pave the way for advanced mathematical fluency. Better number recognition, counting skills and improved visual dexterity awaits them in this vividly exciting exploration.

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