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Columbus Day Preschool Curriculum Pack

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About This Product

Columbus Day Preschool Curriculum Pack

This comprehensive educational resource is uniquely designed for the specific needs of preschool and kindergarten students. The pack serves as an invaluable tool boasting numerous effective, thematic activities.

Versatility & Variety

The 41-page PDF offers a variety of games and activities revolving around Columbus Day vocabulary words. These are meant to:

  • Enhance language skills
  • Immerse students in the holiday's essence

Apart from these, history reading passages (offering crucial facts about Christopher Columbus's voyages), along with a timeline detailing his first voyage, make pertinent parts of this package.

Purposeful Flexibility

A key characteristic ingrained into this resource is its flexibility that lets teachers introduce new activities at will; based upon factors such as:

  1. Existing resources,
  2. Student behavior & temperament and,
  3. Their pre-existing knowledge on the topic.

An array of science-based experiments related to Columbus’s explorations alongside art & music inspired approaches have been thoughtfully included.

In Conclusion...

Aiding meaningful celebration and understanding of significant holidays like Columbus Day is made incredibly rewarding through sharply structured resources like this curriculum pack!

What's Included

A 41-page printable PDF

Resource Tags

Columbus Day Preschool curriculum Thematic activities Vocabulary building History education

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