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Comparing Fractions Word Problems Worksheet

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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If you want to give students extra practice with solving word problems with fractions, I have just the resource for you.

This Comparing Fractions Word Problems Worksheet is perfect for helping students compare fractions in real life situations. The word problems are relatable and encourage students to think critically about the fraction comparisons. As a teacher, you will love seeing your students engage with the material and learn in a fun and effective way!

This is a 2-page printable that is great for your upper elementary students in 3rd – 5th grade. There are 3 problems for students to complete. When students read each problem, they will draw a picture and write an inequality to show what is going on in the situations.

You may choose to have students complete this independently. It also works great as a small group assignment. Students could create groups of 3 and each person is responsible for 1 problem. Because there are only 3 problems, it would also make a great morning work assignment or exit ticket.

An answer key is included.


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What's Included

1 PDF with 2 usable pages

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