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Comprehension Practice Papers (At The Stroke Of Midnight) 9-12 years

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Grade 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Comprehension Practice Papers (At The Stroke of Midnight)

This essential resource has emerged as a result of the need to help 9 to 12-years-old children prepare for the Standardised Assessment Tests (Sats) in the UK curriculum. As a series of comprehension booklets, it offers ideal support for educators.

Included in this resource are three comprehensive texts, all accompanied by sets of questions aimed at enhancing and testing reading comprehension skills. These tests closely adhere to the style and nature of KS2 Reading Assessment sample papers, providing an excellent practice tool under real test conditions. Nevertheless, educators can customise timings according to their judgment and students' abilities.

The focus is predominantly on reading skills within Language Arts subjects, making Comprehension Practice Papers an invaluable means not just for learning but also for revising previously taught content.

Educational Settings

  • Group Instructions:
    • This material can easily be integrated into whole-group instruction sessions while explaining how comprehension papers function or when discussing tested concepts.
  • Tutoring Sessions:
    • In smaller groups or one-on-one tutoring instances, these resources help in accurately identifying individual student's needs - thus enabling personalised attention based on their progress and challenging areas.
  • Homeschooling:
    • The assignments prove beneficial when used as interactive homework tasks – they foster self-study habits while facilitating familiarity with such assessments amongst learners.

The package comprising 43 PDF pages affords copious material that caters well throughout grades 4 through 6.

In conclusion, opt for Comprehension Practice Papers (At The Stroke Of Midnight) as your preferred teaching resource whenever effective practice materials that correspond well with various teaching methods are needed without sacrificing quality learning.

What's Included

43 pages

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Comprehension Reading skills Standardised Assessment Tests Language Arts Teaching resource

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