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Maths Tests (Maths Land School Resource) (9-12 years)

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Grade 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Welcome to the Maths Land School Resource for children aged 9-12 years! This delightful set of digital educational materials is designed to teach essential maths skills in an engaging, enjoyable, and interactive way. With over 60 challenging questions and amusing cartoon characters like Felicity Factor and Max Multiple, our 25-page bundle cultivates curiosity while promoting learning through laughter.

These resources prioritize key numeracy concepts that all young learners should develop, presented in a captivating manner. Each pack features exercises accompanied by their corresponding answers, allowing educators and parents to effectively assess their child's comprehension of various maths concepts. Use them at home to reinforce schoolwork or integrate them into classroom activities; either way, they make fantastic additions to any educational strategy.

What sets our Maths Land School Resource apart is its unique ability to foster critical thinking skills through playful interactions with endearing characters on the journey of math education. Explore a world of numbers full of limitless possibilities as you make learning enjoyable again with these charming digital materials – delighting children's minds while encouraging them always to want more!

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