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Concept Development Worksheets, Spring, Special Ed

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1





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Concept Development Worksheets, Spring, Special Ed

Designed to foster understanding and recognition among student learners of contrasting concepts, these worksheets are an innovative solution for educators seeking new resources. Developed with attention to the comprehensive exploration of concepts such as Tall and Short, More or Less, Big and Small, Same or Different, and Thin and Wide, these printables stand out to stimulate learning in a fun manner. Through illustrations connected to the Spring season across 2 worksheets per concept, students' interest will remain piqued.

These simple yet effective materials have been specially crafted bearing Pre-K children in mind along with those at Kindergarten level through Grade 1 pupils attending traditional public schools or homeschooled.. Spanning ten worksheet pages within one PDF file it is perfect for both teaching some mathematical vocabulary for your students. The layout makes printing straightforward - just download your resource from Teach Simple's website.

  • An exceptional tool for teachers who want their pupils to decipher contrasting concepts clearly whilst facilitating engagement through coloring of vibrant spring-themed designs. Ideal methods of implementation can vary depending upon class structure; use them as a whole-group assignment during regular school hours or distribute them among smaller study-groups where peer-learning facilitates refinement of individual understanding as well accuracy in distinguishing differences amongst given contrasts.
A resource made by educators who understand instructional needs intimately due its simplicity while maintaining effectiveness as tangible intellectual growth markers are met by busy young minds striving towards academic success!

What's Included

1 PDF File for the activities.

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