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More or Less Slide Deck for Special Ed and Distance Learning

More or Less Slide Deck for Special Ed and Distance Learning
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Early Math


Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

More or Less Slide Deck for Special Ed and Distance Learning

This is a digital interactive teaching resource specifically designed to aid educators in reinforcing early mathematical concepts, focusing on developing the understanding of pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade students in the concept of more or less.

Main Features:

  • A set of 10 interactive slides asking ‘Less or More?'
  • Engaging visual stimuli and tasks for proper comprehension.
  • Promotion of individual or cooperative learning - applicable in traditional classroom setting as well as remote learning setups.

Flexible Implementation:

  1. In a traditional classroom setting: As part of lesson introductions for whole class activities promoting group discussions.
  2. In small group work within classroom centers: As a tool to promote cooperative learning among classmates.

  3. Distance learners would find this just as useful with opportunities provided for independent study exercises where individualized pacing is encouraged.

The end results are not self-correcting but provide educators an opportunity at evaluation–viewing students' responses firsthand thus enabling them better identify areas needing review further support reinforcement etc. These materials can easily be used with familiar platforms such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

You can integrate this dynamic & adaptive resource into your teaching routine whether it's in person or online. It will definitely enhance the teaching & understanding critical Math concept - 'More or Less' for kindergarten & preschoolers through to first graders..

What's Included

PowerPoint Slide Deck formatted for Google Slides Too

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