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Spatial Concepts Behind and In Front Of Google Slides

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Spatial Concepts Behind and In Front Of Google Slides

Spatial Concepts Behind and In Front Of Google Slides is a comprehensive teaching resource constructed for the specific use of educators seeking direct, interactive materials to aid in Speech Therapy objectives. This 16-card slide deck focuses on imbuing an understanding of the spatial concepts 'behind' and 'in front'. This tool could be valuable in developing speech competencies of Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade students, as well as catering to those within special education programs.

Flexibility and Uses

  • This versatile tool can be used effectively in various learning contexts - from teaching entire classrooms to smaller groups.
  • Tutors can assign this for self-study at home or enrich digital learning experience due to compatibility with Google Slides.

Cognitive Development & Engagement

In focusing on core spatial concepts crucial for language acquisition and communication skills, it ensures an engaging learning experience. The slides are vibrant, proving that grasping basic positioning terms need not be boring. Out of the 16 cards -8 target understanding 'in front', while another set interpret 'behind'.

Special Resources Aid

As a part of Special Resources aid, Spatial Concepts Behind and In Front Of Google Slides is a practical yet stimulating tool for young learners' linguistic development – devoid of any preparation hassles! A Microsoft PowerPoint file that's compatible with Google Slides platform ensures all you require is device access! Incorporate this dynamic feature into your today!

Note: This blends seamlessly into tech-enhanced instruction within speech therapy sessions or regular lessons.

What's Included

PowerPoint file formated for Google Slides too.

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spatial concepts speech therapy cognitive development language acquisition communication skills

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