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Constitution Day Lapbook with Reading Comprehension Activities

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Grade 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Delight in the celebration of Constitution Day with this delightful and educational lapbook! Perfectly suited for 4th to 6th grade primary classrooms, ESL/EFL learners, and homeschoolers, this Constitution Day Lapbook with Reading Comprehension Activities will provide your pupils with an engaging way to build their reading abilities as well as immerse them in the significance of this honored American holiday. As they progress through each of the comprehension worksheets, your students will gain invaluable understanding about the birth and purpose of Constitution Day by studying the associated texts. To maximize their insights, encourage your students to participate in additional research of the topic and generate their own understanding to help them complete their lapbook projects and show off to their friends. With this vibrant learning supplement, your students will amass plentiful studies in language and exploration while uncovering the Constitution and celebrating the patriotic holiday.


Content Pages:

A. Instruction page

B. Reading Text

C. Reading comprehension activities / worksheets

D. Lapbook Contents

1. Front cover

2. 2 Name pages for individual and group project

3. Inner title overlap

4. Constitution Day foldable

5. Constitution Day History foldable

6. Constitution Day Symbols foldable

7. Notable people of Constitution Day

8. Constitution Day timeline

Resource Tags

Constitution Day project reading comprehension Constitution Day ELA lapbook ELA project

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