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Cooking Up Artic K and G, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Articulation

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About This Product

Cooking Up Artic K and G, Boom Cards Speech Therapy

This multi-faceted teaching resource is specifically designed to facilitate speech therapy and language learning. Aided with interactive tools, the platform engages an individual student or an entire group in a highly flexible learning environment.

What it Offers
  • A unique methodology of learning through the creation of Cupcakes with Gold Sprinkles.
  • Indirect targeting of multiple aspects such as language recall, following instructions, sequencing.
  • Addition to answering 'what' and 'where' WH questions along with prepositions through a captivating activity.
  • Inclusion of more than 50 target words for K and G articulation sounds in its curriculum.
Benefits Gained

Mixes learning with fun activities by providing opportunities for executing over 50 sentence productions featuring different target words. It aids proficiency in various areas like prepositions, sequencing and following directions etc.

Tech Features Included:
  1. Packs 35 boom cards for face-to-face execution on iPads or computers aided by engaging distance learning exercises during scenarios like homeschooling etc., where direct interaction is hindered..
  2. Compatible across multiple platforms such as Android devices or Kindle Fires granted that there's internet connectivity which aids hassle-free integration into lessons.
    Note: Utilizing fast pins offers immediate feedback regarding performance thus allowing self-grading usage of these Boom Card decks.
  3. .
Cooking Up Artic K & G Boom Cards Speech Therapy – forms a versatile asset not only for public school teachers but also home educating parents aimed at equipping their children with crucial speech therapy skills amidst other subject learnings Caution: On purchasing the product, it is registered under one user only so to comply with the copyright laws (Power Speech and Language 2020).

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